Balanced Starting Positions

Balanced Starting Position

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To get your pitch to the target with uncanny regularity, you must keep your weight back, have your Glove Hand prompt your Lower Body, and your Lower Body pulls your Throwing Hand through to the target.

Your Body’s movement prompts your Throwing Arm to deliver the ball to your target.

Anything other than your weight back stimulates a series of at least 20 reactionary instances that’ll cause your pitch to not hit your target.

Bad Starting Positions

Any position where your Front Knee is behind your Front Hip is an instance where your ball misses your target more than hits your target.

You land your Stride, your Front Hip catches up with your Body, and you deliver the ball like you were throwing darts.

Some of your pitches hit the target, but many more missed.

Good Starting Position

The best position is keeping your Front Knee in front of your Front Hip and your Front Heel in line with your Back Toe.

Your Glove Arm naturally turns your Lower Body, your Shoulders follow, and your Throwing Arm fires your pitch.

Your Stride and Throwing Action become one motion.

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