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Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Finding your target with uncanny regularity comes from being “in balance” (starting your motion with your Front Knee in front of your Front Hip).

Your Front Knee getting behind your Front Hip is an “out of balance” or “balanced” position.

Your Body is Always Getting “In Balance”

Your Body always does several natural things to get back to “in balance”.  The instant you’re “out of balance” becomes the instant your Body makes these adjustments.

  • What does happen – What should happen
  1. Hips follow Glove Arm – Your Glove Arm triggers your Lower Body.
  2. Stride and Throw – Your Throwing Action is part of your entire motion.
  3. Front Foot before Stride – Your Glove Arm needs to move before your Front Foot.
  4. Heels too far apart – Your Heels being close creates an “in balance” motion.
  5. Throwing Arm trigger – Your “in balance” motion has your Glove Arm promoting your Throwing Action.
  6. Uneven Hips – Your Lower Body rotates.
  7. Late Hands separation – Your Hands need to separate before your Stride.
  8. Front Knee position – Your Back Knee begins toward Second Base.
  9. Shoulder alignment – Your Shoulders need to be aligned with your Hips.
  10. Stride timing – Your Stride needs to happen before your Hands move.
  11. Stride with Feet first – You need your Front Foot to move after your Hands.
  12. Throwing Hand Offsetting Stride – Your Throwing Hand needs to stay in front of your Body.
  13. Bent at Waist – Your Body is vertical going into your release.
  14. Throwing Arm initiates Throwing Action – Your Glove Arm initiates your Throwing Action.

Add only five segments to your starting “Pitching Process” and you stay “in balance”, you send your ball to your target with uncanny regularity, and your motion should never change!

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you these 5 Segments on every motion, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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