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Shoulders In Line

As you move into your release, your Shoulders being in line with your target promotes your Lower Body and locates your pitches.

Moving into your Stride with your Shoulders in line also brings your Lower Body in line.

This loosens your Glove Arm to get your Lower Body engaged in your Throwing Action.

Your Lower Body pulls your Throwing Hand into release and drives the ball into your target with uncanny regularity.

Shoulders Out of Line

Your Shoulders out of line signifies your Lower Body needs to get in line with your Shoulders.

The only way to do this is to land your Stride.

With your Front Foot on the ground, your Shoulders move in line, and you make your Throwing Action.

Your Glove Arm follows your Throwing Arm, and your Lower Body is there to stabilize your actions.

Your Front Foot on the ground means your Glove Arm, instead of firing your Lower Body, is used to balance your motion.

Get “Legitimate” Shoulders

To find your target with uncanny regularity, you want your Glove Arm to prompt your Lower Body, and your Lower Body to start your Throwing Action.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to begin with your Shoulders in line on every motion, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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