Obsessing Over “What You Do” is Unhealthy


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For every action – “how you do (something)” – there is a reaction – “what you do”.

Listen to Yourself

“What to do” Self-Talk – When you think in terms of your mechanics, you’re telling your body “what to do”.   “Lengthen your stride”, “change your arm slot”, “tuck your glove hand”, etc. are all “what to do’s”.

“How to do” Self-Talk – Once you think in terms of (1) “moving” a particular body part (2) in a specific direction, you’re telling your body “how to do” something. “Move your leg out”, “ move your butt down”, “move your hands back”, etc. are all “how to do’s”.

In Pitching, There’s Only One “What to Do”

Your only “what to do” is to string together 6 well-sequenced “how to do’s” that’ll get your lower body to drive your results.

This is important … unless you’re laser-focused on moving your body parts in the right direction in the proper sequence, you’ll lose your lower body, struggle with your command, and turn pitching into a less-than-satisfying athletic pursuit.

Coach Skip Teaches “How to Do” What You Need to Do

Coach Skip teaches Pitchers like you “how to” string together the “how to do’s” that are guaranteed to clear the path to your pitching dreams.

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