“Trying” Is a Destructive Habit


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The instant someone points out something you need to do, and your answer is “I’m trying”, please realize “trying” has become an excuse for not “doing”.

 Looking for Perfection?

You want your pitching to match your unreasonably exacting standards.

Your biggest challenge: Stop “trying” to be perfect.

Your solution: Accept missing your target, but don’t accept missing your target by an unacceptable distance on two consecutive pitches. When this happens, find out “why” and permanently eliminate the cause.

Accepting Limited Improvement?

No matter how hard you “try” to change your mechanics you rarely, if ever, see any significant improvement.

Your biggest challenge: Realizing and accepting that what you’re doing isn’t working.

Your solution: Instead of “trying” to change your mechanics, focus on the things that cause you to move down the mound the way you do.

Need Help?

Coach Skip can take one look at your motion and understand what’s needed to use your throwing action to get your lower body to produce the results you expect.

Want “doing” to become a habit? Contact Coach Skip.

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