The Key to Pitch Location: Weight Distribution


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Walking is striding.

When you walk or stride, you naturally, instinctively use your opposing arm to offset your stride leg.

In pitching, as in walking, a Pitcher’s stride ends with their throwing arm pulling their back leg forward and the drag from their back leg creating their pitch location issues.

Rotation Produces Pitch Location

However, with rotation, your arms are no longer needed for balance.

Pitchers who end their front leg lift with their weight evenly distributed around their core can spin out of their front leg lift.

Natural and Automatic Pitch Location

Their spin tells their body, to avoid injury, to stride.

By turning their stride into a reaction, they end their stride with their back hip ahead of their throwing arm shoulder.

From there, their lower body uses their throwing arm to propel their pitches directly into their intended target with uncanny regularity.

Coach Skip Teaches Pitch Location

Once Coach Skip teaches you how to end your front leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around your core, you’re able to activate your lower body and repeatedly send your pitches into your target.

Struggling with your pitch location? Ask Coach Skip for help.

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