Pitch Location is Extremely Simple


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The more body parts involved in your throwing action, the more your pitches to travel directly into your intended target.

An Upper Body Only Delivery

An upper body-driven motion hurts your pitch location and here’s why?

You end your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot, use your throwing arm to offset your forward weight shift, and, once you end your stride, rotate your upper body around your head.

With your upper body completing your delivery, you “hope” your pitch travels directly into your target.

A Full Body Delivery

When your entire body drives your throwing action, your pitches travel directly into your target.

Because you end your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees, you end your stride with your hips and shoulders at opposing angles, and, to relieve the tension, use your entire body to send your pitches directly into your target.

Pitch location becomes amazingly simple. A focus on your front leg lift delivers your pitches directly into your target.

Coach Skip Guarantees A Full Body Delivery

Coach Skip gives you a way to send your pitches directly into your target for the rest of your competitive pitching career.

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