Proper Glove Hand Movement

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Inaccurate Throws

When your stride happens before your glove hand movement, you isolate your throwing hand and make your throwing hand work independently to get the ball near the target.

Since your throwing hand lacks guidance, the ball ends up in a wide area around the target, reducing accuracy.

Your glove hand merely reacts to the throw, giving your pitch a low chance of hitting the target.

Accurate Throws

Your glove-hand movement initiates the throwing action and prompts your throwing arm.

As your glove hand naturally turns over, your glove arm guides your throwing hand and directs the ball toward the target with greater accuracy.

Due to the glove hand guiding the throwing hand, most throws land precisely on target.

Importance of Glove Hand

Your glove hand positions your throwing hand and, for better control, guides your throwing hand through a natural release point.

Glove-hand involvement leads to a high degree of command over the throw.

In essence, your proper throwing mechanics involve initiating the throw guiding your throwing hand, allowing for greater accuracy, and controlling each pitch.

Getting Your Glove Hand Involved

Your glove hand promotes your Throwing Action and gives you exceptional command.

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