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Proprioception is a sixth sense that moves your Body from one balanced position to another.

When in balance, you control your Body movements, but, when your Body is out of balance, your Body parts take on a life of their own.

Three Proprioceptive Reactions

With your Feet more than one baseball width apart, as you lift your Front Foot, you make a proprioceptive reaction.

Your Front Knee naturally goes behind your Front Foot.

Again, your proprioceptive reactions come into play as your Front Foot comes forward.

Your Front Foot takes over your motion and you land your Stride to get back into balance.

Once in balance, you deliver the ball to your target at a random location.

One Proprioceptive Reaction

However, your Feet staying one baseball width apart puts your Body in balance.

Your Front Knee Lift rotates your Front Thigh to keep your Body in balance.

Your Glove Hand moves with your Glove Hand Palm facing your target.

You flip your Glove Hand Palm to deliver the ball to your target.

You deliver the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

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