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Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Your body is built to deliver your pitches directly to your target.

How close are you to seeing this happen?

Are You Going to Naturally Miss Your Target?

To throw a ball into a target, you rock back, step forward, throw the ball, and watch what happens.

When your head moves, you risk missing your target.

Until you find a stepping rhythm that puts your throwing shoulder in the same spot on every throw, you struggle to hit your target with any regularity.

Are You Going to Locate Your Pitches?

Logically, when you place your head in the same position on every pitch, you’re much more likely to see the ball go where you want.

When you begin your motion with your back knee flexed over the little toes of your back foot, it’s extremely likely your head stays in the same spot on every pitch.

From there, as long as you open your front shoulder to your target, you increase the likelihood your pitches travel directly into your intended target.


To improve the ratio of your pitches traveling into your target, make your back leg flex a regular part of your set-up, then begin your throwing action by opening your front shoulder.

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