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All You Need to Know About Balance

When your hips are level and your shoulders are positioned directly over your hips, your body is in balance.

Anytime you do anything from a balanced position, you completely control your movements, and with an understanding of your body’s programming, can also control the way your body is going to react.

Balance within a Pitching Motion

Therefore, when your front leg lift is in balance and you properly choreograph how you come out of your front leg lift, your body can turn your hip/shoulder separation, delayed shoulder release, and pitch location into a well-managed reaction.

However, when you end your front leg lift with your weight centered over your back foot, you may feel balanced, but you’re not “in balance”.  You make it impossible to properly choreograph your movements down the mound, and everything you see is your body’s uncontrollable reaction to your weight shift.

Control Your Front Leg Lift

A laser focus on your very controllable foot placements, leg positioning, and front knee path into your front leg lift promotes a balanced starting position, and, with the right trigger, clears a path to your pitching dreams.

Struggling with your front leg lift? Ask Coach Skip for help.

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