If It Works Now, Will It Work Tomorrow?


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If it works now, unless you do something to get even better, it might not work tomorrow?

The Hitters You Face are Getting Better.

Every Hitter is better today than they were yesterday. They’re learning their craft, getting better at recognizing when a ball is coming into their hitting zone, and making sure they drive every mistake that any Pitcher throws their way.

Combat Hitter Growth.

To combat the Hitters’ growth, you need to understand how to get your pitches to travel directly into your target with enough late-stage movement that, even when you do miss, the Hitter struggles to square up on the ball.

Limit Mistakes.

The best way for a Pitcher to make their mistakes unhittable is to let the Laws of Nature take over their results.

Consistent with Newton’s Laws, when you understand how to use angular momentum to take you out of your front leg lift and force your body to react to the end of your stride, you use the tension your hip and shoulder separation produces to send your pitches directly into your target with late-stage ball movement that makes your misses practically unhittable.

Or you can push off the rubber, rely on your stride timing to produce a competitive arm slot, then hope your ball travels into your target and your opponent doesn’t pick up on the predictable ball path your pitch takes into your receiver’s glove.

Coach Skip Prepares You for Tomorrow

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