Your Front Knee Position Determines Command

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You may not realize it, but your front knee position at the top of your front leg lift determines how often your pitches end up where you want.

Front Knee Behind Front Shoulder.

End your front leg lift with your front knee behind your front shoulder, you force your throwing arm to offset your stride, and you won’t complete your delivery until your body stops using your throwing arm for balance.

Your throwing arm moving behind your body means, unless you’re lucky enough to find the right stride tempo, you won’t know where any single pitch will end up.

Front Knee in Front of Front Shoulder.

On the other hand, end your leg lift with your front knee in line with your front shoulder, and, as you move down the mound, your throwing arm naturally stays in front of your body.

With your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body, your throwing action automatically sends your pitches where you want with uncanny regularity.

Instantly Improve Your Command.

Here’s a tip … end your front leg lift with your front knee in line with your front shoulder and, without doing anything else, watch your command improve.

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