The Truth Behind Command


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What do your arm actions tell you?

You may not realize it, but it’s impossible to let your body collapse in a heap on the floor.

The instant your Head signals your body that there’s an imbalance, you instinctively use your arms to keep from falling over.

However, when your Head remains centered over your neck and shoulder, your arms remain free to move the way they want.

Searching for command?

If you’re searching for better command, you’re allowing your head to tilt and, in response to your head tilt, you’re using your throwing arm for balance, letting your body control your throwing arm path, and can only hope your pitches end up where you want.

One Head Movement Produces Command.

On the other hand, end your stride with your Eyes level and your Head centered, by plan, your foot plant will move your Head from center.

Once your foot plant is the only thing that creates an imbalance, instead of using your throwing arm for balance, your throwing action will bring your body back to balance.

Automatically Send Your Pitcher Where You Want.

As a result, without thinking about anything else, you’ll see many more of your pitches end up where you expect.

Need help staying balanced into your foot plant? I’m waiting for your call.

Coach Skip Fast
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