Engaging Your Lower Body Isn’t an Action


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Pitchers who work on their lower body engagement are putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

Getting your lower body to drive your motion isn’t something you do … it’s a consequence of what you do.

The Secret to Using Your Lower Body.

Using your lower body is the result of using your foot placements and legwork to keep your body in balance as your front foot comes off the ground, then using your front leg lift to maintain your balance.

Finishing your front leg lift in balance allows you to use an upper body rotation to spin your entire body down the mound.

Use Your Throwing Action for Balance.

It’s at the point the magic happens.

Your full-body rotation puts your body in self-correction mode.

Without having to do anything else, your mind senses your movement, and, to stabilize yourself, immediately gets your front foot back on the ground.

How You End Your Stride

Your stride’s end stops your lower body rotation in its tracks and, to get back in balance, forces you to use your throwing action to deliver your fastballs directly into your intended target.

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