Dads Beware!!!


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There comes a point when your son will stop listening to you.

Why? Because you tell your son what you want him to do without telling how to do it.

Your Solution.

To avoid this, you need to realize are three elements to pitching instruction.

  1. Understand what needs to be improved,
    2. Understand why the improvement will elevate your son’s performance, and
    3. Most importantly, understand how to improve the motion without changing your son’s throwing action.

What your son wants to do is elementary … he needs to make his performance as simple and automatic as possible.

Fail to Improve.

Fulfill each element and you’re golden.

On the other hand, Dads who realize they don’t understand how to teach their son what he should be doing need to seek professional guidance.

Need help with your son’s motion? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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