Lower Body Balance Guarantees Fastball Command


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Like walking a balance beam, once your mind senses your hips aren’t level, you instinctively use your arms to balance your lower body.

On the other hand, when your mind senses your lower body is in balance, you can use your arms any way you want

Your Body Only Works One Way.

This is the way your body works, and things don’t change just because you’re pitching.

When pitching, anytime you miss your target, you can be sure it happened because some weight shift caused you to use your throwing arm for balance.

How to Improve Your Fastball Command?

Armed with this understanding, once you resolve the cause of your imbalance, you’re much more likely to end your stride with your lower body in balance and your throwing arm free to send your pitches where you want with uncanny regularity

Therefore, next-level fastball command comes from you using your lower body balance to naturally and consistently send your pitches directly into your intended target.

Need help with your lower body balance? I’m waiting for your call.

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