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Your delivery is a sequence of movements where each action creates a response, and your last response determines each pitch outcome.

Balance increases the frequency of your best outcomes.

Your first goal is to use your Foot Placements to keep your weight in balance into your Front Leg lift.

With a balanced Front Leg lift, you increase the chance you move down the mound with your Throwing Arm free to respond to your Lower Body.

The more you keep your Throwing Arm free to respond to your Lower Body, the more you increase the frequency of your pitches producing the results you expect.

Imbalance hurts your result.

In the same way each movement builds upon the next when any single movement creates an imbalance, your imbalance lowers your frequency of good outcomes.

In fact, the earlier your movements create an imbalance, the more you struggle to produce the results you want.

Instantly Improve Your Results.

When your results fail to meet your expectations, follow your motion’s flow.

Correct the imbalances you see from your Foot Placements into your Front Leg lift, then from your Front Leg lift into your movement down the mound and your results will instantly improve.

Need help finding your imbalances? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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