Balance, Command, and Your Glove Hand Movement


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My name is Coach Skip and I’m about to teach you Glove Hand movement, balance, and command.


Your Starting Position impacts your Glove Hand movement.

The right Glove Hand movement indicates balance.

However, when your Glove Hand merely reacts to your Starting Position, your Body moves out of balance and your command suffers.

No Glove Hand Movement

With bad Glove Hand movement, your Glove Hand reacts to your Hips movement.

Your Glove Hand takes on a path of its own and fires the ball to a point between your natural release point and the spot where you want your ball to go.

Your Glove Hand release places the ball in a location where the Hitter drives the ball, or lets the pitch go.

The Right Glove Hand Movement

Your good Starting Position focuses your weight just in front of Back Foot and your Front Leg lift keeps your weight just in front of your Back Foot.

Your Body’s good position means your Glove Hand drives your Throwing Hand into release.

Your Glove Hand Palm moving up takes the ball into your target with uncanny regularity!

Accomplishing This?

Want your Body to produce a Glove Hand movement?

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to manage your Glove Hand movement, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

Coach Skip Fast
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