Command and Your Stride

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Once your front leg lift is balanced, your glove hand path takes control of the ball.

Later Front Leg

Right now, your out-of-balanced starting position has you finishing your stride, then firing the ball toward your target.

Thoughts you can control the ball are a misconception.

Earlier Front Leg

However, from a balanced front leg lift, when your glove hand takes a direct path toward your target, you begin your throwing action, then your front foot hits the ground.

Your glove hand tips your weight, your throwing hand begins its trip toward home, and your ball goes where your eyes are focused.


For those of you who are unable to balance your starting position, feel free to use my do-it-yourself pitching program or my in-person, South Jersey pitching sessions to improve your command.

Until next time, I’m Coach Skip telling you pitch location is coachable.

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