“Legitimate Internal Rotation” and Your Glove Hand

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Your Body is always in balance.

You either don’t realize your Body maintains your balance or your produce balance.

In “Legitimate Internal Rotation”, you produce balance. In “False Internal Rotation”, you forget about your balance.

“Legitimate Internal Rotation”

When you produce balance, your Front Leg lift mirrors a balanced position.

From this position, your Glove Hand moves first, and the rest of your Body follows your Glove Hand movement.

Your Glove Hand movement takes you into your Stride, and, as a natural balanced reaction, you fire your Hips.

Your Hip movement pulls your Throwing Hand forward and your pitch goes to your target with uncanny regularity.

“False Internal Rotation”

From your Front Leg lift to your Stride, your natural response becomes your Throwing Hand going behind your Body.

To keep your Body in balance, your Throwing Hand essentially offsets your Stride.

The weight from your Stride causes your Front Foot to hit the ground, your Throwing Arm delivers the ball, and your Hips follow.

Your Throwing Arm working by itself expands your target area.

Get “Legitimate Internal Rotation”?

You want your Body to be in balance, drive your pitch, and command the ball to hit your target.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to begin your motion with your Body in balance, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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