“Legitimate” Shoulders

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“False” Shoulders

Your Shoulders being out of line with your target makes it much more difficult to hit your target.

You’re wasting your time with your Glove Hand position prompting your Shoulders to aim away from your target.

With your Glove Hand encouraging your entire Body to direct your ball away from your target, your Front Leg lift positions your Front Knee behind your Front Hip.

With your Front Knee behind your Front Hip, your Lower Body fails to get involved.

You miss your target and, without an incentive for your Throwing Hand to hit your target, this will continue.

“Legitimate” Shoulders

A way to find your target is to get your Shoulders to be in line with your target and fire your Glove Arm.

Your Glove Arm moving toward your target animates your Lower Body.

With your Lower Body involved, your Front Leg lift reacts to your Shoulder position, your Lower Body fires, and the ball goes to your target.

You find the ball going into your target with great regularity.

Get “Legitimate” Shoulders

To find your target with uncanny regularity, you want your Glove Arm to prompt your Lower Body, and your Lower Body to point toward your target.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to begin your motion with your Shoulders in the right position, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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