“Legitimate” Foot Strikes

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Gravity controls your Throwing Action.

Either your weight causes you to “Stride, then Throw” or you “Stride and Throw”.

Foot Strike, Then Throw

You end your Starting Position with your Front Hip behind your Back Leg.

Your Body fighting with gravity causes you to lose control of your entire motion.

Your Front Leg brings your weight forward and you land your Foot Strike.

You find your balance, get ready to throw your pitch, and deliver your ball.

Your weight initiating your Throwing Action gets the ball to a larger-than-expected target area.

Foot Strike, And Throw

You end your Starting Position with your weight balanced just in front of your Back Foot.

From this balanced position, your Glove Hand initiates your Stride.

Your Glove Hand comes forward, your weight shifts and your Lower Body initiates your Throwing Arm.

Gravity causes your Glove Hand Palm to go up, and you deliver the ball to your target.

Your Throwing Arm follows your Glove Hand, and you find your target with uncanny regularity.

Get a “Legitimate” Foot Strike

To find your target with uncanny regularity, you want your Glove Arm to prompt your Lower Body, and your Lower Body to start your Throwing Action.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to begin with your weight in front of your Back Foot, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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