Narrow Footwork Builds Command

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Footwork plays a crucial role in setting the stage for good glove work and exceptional command.

Wide Footwork and Balance Issues

When your foot distance is too wide, most of your weight stays on your back foot. Your throwing arm “pulls” you forward to maintain balance and takes away focus from controlling the throw.

With your arm busy with balance, your glove work becomes reactive rather than proactive, follows the path of your throwing arm, and loses its ability to guide the throw precisely.

Narrow Footwork and Glove Control

By narrowing your foot distance, you establish a proper center of balance right in front of your back foot. You create a stable base freeing your throwing arm to focus on generating power and delivering the ball accurately.

Now, your active glove work can take charge. The glove initiates the throwing motion, guides your throwing arm along a predetermined path, and leads to a more controlled and precise throw.

Benefits of Proper Footwork

A stable base and efficient power transfer from your lower body to your throwing arm allows you to generate maximum velocity, resulting in a fastball with a good zip.

When your mechanics are sound and your glove work guides the throw precisely, the grip you use on the ball becomes the primary factor dictating its movement (curveball, slider, etc.).

Better Balance

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