A Reactive Throwing Arm Produces Command


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When you grab the handle of a bullwhip then snap your wrist, you create a chain reaction that ends with a sonic boom.

Command Happens with an Open Lower Body.

Like the bullwhip, when you end of your stride with your lower body already opening to your target, you begin a full-body chain reaction where your lower body whips your throwing arm through the same productive release window on every pitch.

It’s this natural throwing arm action that’ll maximize your velocity and produce the fastball command needed to keep the very best hitters from reaching base.

Command Struggles Occur with a Closed Lower Body.

When you begin your lower body rotation after you end your stride, you’ve created an upper-body only chain reaction and can’t know with any certainty where any single pitch will end up.

Want the command needed to challenge the very best Hitter to reach base, then manage your movements into your foot plant and, without any additional effort, watch many more of your pitches end up where you want.

Need help rotating into the end of your stride? I’m waiting for your call.

Coach Skip Fast
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