Productive Tension Builds Fastball Command.


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When you stretch a rubber, then let go of an end, the rubber band snaps back to normal the same way every time.

Constructive Pitching Tension

When you duplicate the same constructive tension within your pitching motion you can get your Throwing Arm to snap back to natural, and regularly send your pitches directly into your target.

You create this situation by coming out of your Front Leg lift with your respective Palms pointing to Second and Home.

Current Actions Become Natural Reactions.

Once you release this tension, just like the rubber band, your Body snaps your Throwing Arm into release.

You effectively flow through your motion, spot your fastballs, and challenge the very best Hitters to reach base.

Fixing Your Front Leg Lift.

If you’re searching for fastball command, use your Hand positions out of your Front Leg lift to prepare your Body to produce the productive tension required to spot your fastballs and enhance your pitching brand.

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