Video Analysis Slows Fastball Command Development


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Pitchers, you need to know a competent pitching coach is a man of science.

He understands action/reaction cycles.

He understands when you can control your actions and when your body is getting itself back in balance.

Science Makes Your Fastball Command Development Instantaneous.

Armed with this knowledge, a competent Pitching coach does not need video analysis to understand what he needs to teach to permanently and instantly improve your fastball command.

Without video analysis…

– He understands how to get your lower body to drive your results,
– He instantly recognizes why your fastball strays from your target, and
– On your very next pitch, he produces the results you know you need to excel on the mound.

Stop Wasting Your Time.

Beware, Pitching Coaches who rely on video analysis are not men of science and may be wasting your already too short pitching career asking you to change things that are out of your control.

Want to instantly improve your fastball command? I’m waiting for your call.

Coach Skip Fast
Pro Pitching Institute
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