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“Feeling” Your Motion

When you “feel” the way your Body moves, something gets in your way, and the ball misses your target.

“Feeling” the way your Body moves is like throwing darts.  Sometimes the dart goes where you want, but most of the time, the dart goes somewhere else.

Mechanics is not about “feeling” the way your Body naturally moves, mechanics is all about the way your Body to meant to move.

Command Is a Need

You want your motion to deliver the ball to your target, but your Lower Body presents an obstacle.

Your Lower Body doesn’t really rotate. All it does is land your Front Foot.

Your Front Foot lands and you go into your Throwing Motion.

Get your Lower Body involved, and the ball goes into your target.

Command As an Expectation

You get your Lower Body involved with your motion and there’s nothing stopping you from delivering the ball to your target.

Your Lower Body causes your Glove Hand to pull your Throwing Hand into release, and your release brings the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

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