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Your Front Foot Goes Behind Your Hip

In your Starting Position, your Front Leg finishing behind your Front Hip places your weight over your Back Foot.

With your weight over your Back Foot, your weight needs to get back in balance.

Your weight gets back in balance at your Foot Strike.

Your weight balanced at your Foot Strike finds your Throwing Hand working alone to get your ball to your target.

Your consistency suffers and the ball rarely finds your target.

Your Front Foot Lands Even With Your Back Foot

In your Starting Position, your Front Foot finishing even with your Back Foot centers your weight just to the front of your Back Foot.

With your weight in front of your Back Foot, your weight is in balance.

Now, to get your Body to move into your Throwing Action, you must shift your weight.

You shift your weight by sending your Glove Hand forward.

Your Glove Hand creates an imbalance to, at the same time, prompt your Foot Strike and Throwing Action.

Your pitch goes into your target with uncanny regularity.

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