Your Stride Promotes Pitch Location


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Except for your throwing arm, once you let any imbalance take over your body, you lose your throwing arm path.

Let’s think about your stride.

When your feet are too far apart, your throwing hand comes through a very large release window, and you never know where your ball will end up.

Begin your stride with your feet closer, and you have a much better chance of knowing where your ball will go.

However, when your stride keeps your weight in balance, your eyes determine the exact location for your pitch.

Your Stride Gives You Location.

When you let your stride make the same movement into your ball release, your eyes develop the same essential arm path.

Whether you throw a fastball, changeup, or a slider, the hitter sees a consistent arm slot, and your ball ends up in the same place.

Locate Your Pitches.

If you want to know where your ball is going to go, use your eyes to spot your pitches.

Need help having the same eye positions? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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