Foot Position, Glove Work, and Command


Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.My name is Coach Skip and I’m about to teach good Foot Position, exceptional Glove Work, and pinpoint command.


Your motion depends on your Foot Positioning.

The correct Foot Positioning promotes great Glove Work and exceptional command.

However, when your Foot Positioning is off, your Body moves out of balance, your Glove Work is reactionary, and your command suffers.

Your Foot Position

Your good Front and Back Heels produce balance.

With your Heels too far apart, your motion loses its balance, and your Glove Work becomes nonexistent.

However, your Heels in line with your target and one baseball width apart keep your motion in balance, your Glove Hand promotes your motion, and your command produces with uncanny regularity.

Your Glove Work

Your Glove Work takes your Body out of balance.

Most important is that your Glove Work causes your Lower Body to open and land your stride.

Your Lower Body drives your Throwing Action, and your Throwing Action takes the ball directly to your target.

Need Your Foot Positioning?

If you want your Body to be in balance and drive your pitch, the Pro Pitching Institute is here for you.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you to begin your motion with your Feet one baseball width apart on every pitch, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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