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Foot Placement

The right Foot Position promotes your motion’s “balance” and gets your ball to travel directly into your target.

Common Foot Placement

When you place your Feet more than one baseball width apart, you start an adverse sequence of events.

Your Front Foot naturally goes behind your Front Knee and you “balance” your weight over your Back Foot.

With your weight over your Back Foot, your Body uses your Throwing Arm to offset your Stride, your Foot Plants, and you begin your Throwing action.

Your ball rarely goes into your intended target.

Good Foot Placement

Your ideal Front Foot distance is one baseball width away from the Back Heel of your Back Foot.

As a conscious effort, you lift your Front Leg to make sure your Front Knee stays in front of your Front Hip.

Your Front Foot lift “balances” your weight just in front of your Back Foot and allows your Glove Hand to fire toward your intended target.

Your Glove Hand flips, your Lower Body drives your Throwing Hand, and you deliver the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

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