How To You Keep Your Lower Body Connected?


Discover how your Foot Placements prepare your Lower Body to produce the results you want as often as you expect.

Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Ending your Stride with a twisted Torso force your Body to use your Throwing Action to right itself.

In the process, your Lower Body produces the results you want as often as you expect.

How Do You End Your Stride with a Twist?

To end your Stride with your Hips and Shoulders at different angles, you use your Glove Side Shoulder to spin your Body out of your Front Leg lift.

Your Foot Plant stops your Lower Body rotation, your Upper Body continues to spin, and for your Body to get itself back to balance, you force your Body to make a throwing action.

Active Strides Hurt Your Results.

When you actively stride, you use your Throwing Arm to offset your forward weight shift, and by doing so, you lock your Glove Arm in place.

With your Glove Arm locked in place, you block any Upper Body rotation, and can only hope to produce the results you expect.

A Free Glove Arm is Critical to Your Mound Success.

The right Foot placements end your Front Leg lift with your Front Knee in front of your Front Shoulder.

The separation between your Knees keeps your Glove Arm free to have your Lower Body drive the results you want.

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