Here’s a Way to Instantly Improve Your Pitching Results


Discover a proven way to trick your Body into producing the results you need to keep your pitching career moving to the next level.

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Pitching aside, with both Feet on the ground, your Body naturally centers your weight between your Feet and keeps your Arms free to move the way you want.

The Results You Want

By ending your Front Leg lift with a distance between your Knees, you trick your Body into acting as if you had both Feet on the ground.

Your Body keeps your Glove Arm free to engage your Lower Body, you allow your Throwing Arm to react to your Lower Body and, as an instantaneous reaction, your Throwing Action produces the results you want.

The Results You Do Have

However, when, at the top of your Front Leg lift, you place your weight over your Back Foot, you must stride.

Your stride may move you toward your target, but it also engages your Front Hip, locks your Throwing Shoulder in place, and makes using your Lower Body to drive your results physically impossible.

This means, unless you find a productive Stride tempo, you can only hope to produce the results you want.

Get Better Results

Producing better results comes from finding the right combination of Foot Placements and Lower Body positioning that’ll allow you to end your Front Leg lift with a distance between your Knees.

If you need help finding a productive Front Leg lift, Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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