Proof: Starting Positions Determine Pitch Location


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As Water Flows …

When you start with the same amount of water in a bucket and use the same force to pour the water down an incline, gravity will produce the same shaped puddle every time.

Every time the amount of water or its force down the incline changes, gravity alters the water’s flow, and the shape of the final puddle as well.

… Your Pitching Motion Also Flows.

Think of …

  • Your starting position as a bucket of water before you pour it down the incline,
  • Your mechanics as the way gravity ends the water down the incline, and
  • Your pitch location is the puddle.

When you relate the water’s flow to your pitching motion, even the slightest change to your starting position or your stride tempo hurts your pitch location.

You constantly change your starting position and gravity not only changes your mechanics but alters your pitch location.

Improved Pitch Location

You produce the same starting position, come out of it in the same way, and your pitch location becomes unbelievably consistent.

However, when you end your starting position with your weight balanced over your back foot, your body wobbles, and your pitch location becomes much less predictable.

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