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Trust means you make the same actions, and you have the faith that your body will react in the same way all the time.

Pitch Location is Built Around Trust

Pitchers who end their stride with their hips and shoulders at different angles can trust their body will send their pitches directly into their intended target.

These pitchers trust their pitch location to keep most hitters off the base paths.

Misplaced Trust

Because most Pitchers end their stride with your front shoulder closed to their target,  more hitters reach base than need be.

If you’re one of these Pitchers, you’re satisfied with merely getting your pitches into the strike zone.

However, until you learn to end your stride with your shoulders/hips at different angles, you can’t totally trust your pitch location.

Build Trust

To elevate your game, change your focus from landing your stride with a closed front shoulder to ending your stride with a hip/shoulder separation.

Make this transition and you can trust your body to use your pitch location to keep many more hitters off base.

Hip/shoulder separation takes 10 minutes or less to teach, is permanent, is repeatable and begins with the FREE pitch location tips Coach Skip presents on his website.

Want to locate your pitches? Contact Coach Skip.

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