Your Proprioceptive Reactions Put the Ball in Your Target!

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Your Body contains an automatic balance mechanism that keeps you in balance even in your normal life.

Here’s how this automatic balance mechanism guides your pitch location.

Bad Reactions

Due to this automatic balance mechanism, with their Feet too far apart, you routinely place your Front Knee behind your Front Hip.

Your Front Leg movement forces your weight over your Back Foot and your Stride forces your weight to move toward your target.

Again, due to your automatic balance mechanism, your weight moving toward your target prompts your Throwing Arm to go behind your Body.

You land your Stride, and your Throwing Arm frees to deliver the ball near your target.

Good Reactions

However, due to this same automatic balance mechanism, with their Feet close together, you spontaneously place your Front Knee in front of your Front Hip.

To maintain your balance, you then lift your Front Leg, your Back Leg drifts down, and your Glove Hand comes forward.

A Glove Hand explosion moves your weight forward and prompts a delivery where your Throwing Hand comes to life and sends your pitch to your target with uncanny regularity.

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