Your Hips Need to Level!

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To get into your Starting Position, you lift your Front Leg to begin your motion, and, with that, your Hips move.

Your Uneven Hips

When your Feet are too far apart, a proper proprioceptive reaction makes your Front Leg bring your Front Hip above your Back Hip.

Your unlevel Hips need to be level at release.

As another proprioceptive reaction, your Stride fixes your motion.

As you Stride, Your Front Hip drops, get in line with your Back Hip, and they are ready to fire.

The problem arises when your Hips follow your Throwing Hand and the ball goes into a target area the size of your release window.

Your Even Hips

With your Feet close together, you rotate your Front Thigh and limit your Front Hip to be even with your Back Hip.

Your Body is in balance, your Glove Hand moves ahead of your Front Foot, and your Hips being level build your Lower Body response.

To get the ball to your target, your Glove Hand initiates your Lower Body, your Lower Body pulls your Throwing Hand into your target, and the ball goes to your target with uncanny regularity.

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