Symptoms Can Bury Your Pitching Career!


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Though extreme, this scenario shows how too many Pitchers have their careers ruined by well-meaning Coaches who, instead of fixing the cause, treat symptoms.

Your Car Problems Parallel Symptom Based Instruction

Let’s say you’re driving a car and it stalls every time you’re not moving. You bring the car to a mechanic who simply increases the idle speed.

Now, the car no longer stalls, but at a red light, and with the idle increased, to keep the car from moving forward, you’re constantly hitting the brakes.

You bring the car back to the same mechanic. He partially applies your parking brakes, and off you go.

You take the car back to the same guy and tell him, not only is your car overheating but it won’t accelerate. Now, he recommends installing a cooling system???

Treating the cause … Any mechanic who had done a diagnostic evaluation would have simply replaced your spark plugs, fixed your original stalling problem, and none of this would have happened!

What’s a Pitcher to do?

When you can’t find the sustainable results you’re looking for, the cause always boils down to a side-to-side core tilt. Once you ignore the symptoms and fix your core tilt, your pitching career will soar!

Don’t know how to address your core tilts? Ask Coach Skip for help.

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