Your Throwing Arm Finds Your Target!

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Your good or bad balance confirms a good or bad throwing Action.

Bad – “Stride THEN Throw”

Your Front Knee going behind your Front Hip makes your Body out of balance, and your Front Leg ready to stride.

During your stride, your stride brings your Back Knee forward.

As you stride, your Back Knee brings your weight ahead of your Back Foot.

Your weight ahead of your Back Foot means your stride Foot lands, your Throwing Arm delivers the ball, and your Glove Arm merely tucks under your armpit.

You “Stride THEN Throw’ and your ball goes into your target by chance.

Good – “Stride AND Throw”

However, when your Front Knee stays in front of your Front Hip, and your Back Leg is flexed, your Body is in balance.

As your Glove Hand extends toward the target, to load your entire Body, your Back Leg bends even more.

Your Glove Hand rolls and points toward the target, your Lower Body rotates toward your target, and your Throwing Hand begins its journey to the plate.

You “Stride AND Throw”, your motion becomes one, and your ball goes to your target with uncanny regularity.

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