Your Hand Separation Occurs Before Your Stride!

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After your Starting Position, your Hands and Stride work together for location.

What Not to Do!

Your Hands separating after your Stride means your Lower Body acts as a drag to your Throwing Arm.

Your Lower Body lands before your Throwing Arm initiates its motion.

Besides your Lower Body drag, the typical landing for your Front Foot is a diagonal or closed to your target.

When your Lower Body does land, your Lower Body finds its balance point and your Throwing Arm frees to get the baseball to your target.

Your Throwing Hand movement is governed by the amount of drag, your Body position, and your Throwing Arm movement.

What to Do!

Your Hands separating before your Stride means your Lower Body and Hands work together to get the ball into your target.

Your Lower Body, your Stride, and your Glove Hand engage to make sure your Front Toes point to the target.

Your Front Foot landing with your Front Toes pointing toward the target acts to get your Body to get the ball to your target.

The ball goes to your target with uncanny regularity.

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