What Does Using Your Lower Body Mean?


Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.Play with a rubber band powered, balsa wood toy airplane, and the plane’s rubber band mirrors the twisting force you want to create by ending your stride with your hips and shoulders at opposing angles.

Like the rubber band powers the plane’s propeller, the lower body torque you generate forces the spontaneous whip that sends your fastballs into your target.

One Condition Leads to Lower Body Engagement

To engage your lower body, you must end your front leg lift with your mind thinking you have both feet on the ground.

This lets your upper body activate your hips, ends your stride with your hips and shoulders at opposing angles and creates the torque needed to send your pitches directly into your target.

Miss This Condition and You Hurt Your Location

End your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot, you lock your upper body in place and block your lower body activity.

Without your lower body, you can’t know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Coach Skip Teaches Lower Body Engagement

Coach Skip uses a simple front leg lift maneuver that’ll automatically trigger your lower body to send your fastballs directly into your target.

Want your lower body to drive your results? Set up a short phone call with Coach Skip.

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