Your Glove Hand and Command

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Your Glove Hand Palm

Your Glove Hand Palm flipping up powers your Throwing Action.

It’s the timing of your Glove Hand Palm that determines the size of your target area.

Your Glove Hand makes your target area the size of your Glove all the way to nonexistent.

No Glove Hand

When you begin your motion with your Front Foot behind your Front Hip or your Front Foot wider than your Shoulders, your Glove Hand Palm reacts to your motion.

Your Glove Hand is used for balance, goes the way your Body determines, and essentially moves where needed.

Your Throwing Hand delivers the ball into a target area that’s larger than a controlled Glove Hand Palm naturally produces.

An Ideal Glove Hand

Ideally, you want your Body to be in balance.

Being in a balanced state means your Front Foot is even with your Back Toes and your Front Toe point toward your target.

Your Glove Hand naturally turns over, you Stride, and your Throwing Hand delivers the ball to your target.

Your ball goes directly to your target.

Better Command

Your Glove Hand Palm regularly places the ball in your target with uncanny regularity.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you a Glove Arm movement to promote your command, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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