Your Lower Body and Your Glove Arm


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Your Lower Body and Your Glove Arm

Hi, I’m Coach Skip and I teach lower body engagement.

An Inactive Glove Hand

From an out-of-balance starting position, you use your glove arm to keep your body in balance, you lose control of your glove hand until your front foot hits the ground and, when your front foot hits the ground, your glove arm has no impact on your pitch location.

An Active Glove Hand

However, from a balance starting position, your pitch location is about your glove hand path triggering your lower body and sending the ball into your target.

With this specific glove hand path, your pitch location becomes automatic, and your concern is your pitch speed and movement.

The Resolution

If you’re unable to get your glove hand to drive your command, feel free to use my do-it-yourself pitching program or my in-person, South Jersey pitching sessions to improve your motion.

Until next time, I’m Coach Skip telling you your lower body is coachable.

Coach Skip Fast
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