Your Pitching Performances Follow Your Balance.


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Balance measures performance.

While other measurements tell you what to improve, balance tells you how you can improve.

Your pitch location follows the size of your release window, and your release window is driven by how much your body needs your throwing arm to offset the weight shifts your movements create.

Balance tells you about your motion.

Balance supplies the raw data needed to dissect your performances, and, when used to identify your most relevant movement patterns, tells you where and when to adjust your actions.

Properly apply these adjustments and you instantly free your throwing arm to send your pitches directly into your receiver’s target.

Balance forces you to go beyond mechanics.

When you use balance to produce pitch location, your less intangible success markers fall into place.

Balance forces you to take into consideration …
– Environmental concerns, conscious controls, and the basic nature of your pitching motion.
– Physiological, biological, and neurological processes
– Beliefs, values, standards, and expectations.
– Mental strengths and weaknesses.

There’s no other measurement that goes as far as balance!

Balance is the ONLY yardstick that wraps every success measurement into a neat, well-ordered package.

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