Your Starting Position Matters


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The Starting Position You Want.

You want to begin your stride with your back knee to the second base side of your back foot..

Do this and you’re very likely to free your throwing arm to react to your stride, get your lower body to automatically, naturally, and repeatedly locate your pitches, keep each Hitter guessing about pitch speed, and use your late-stage ball movement to make reaching base very difficult.

The Starting Position You Have.

If you’re like most Pitchers, you begin your stride with your front foot over or to the home plate side of your back foot.

Let this happen and you’re going to use your throwing arm to balance your stride, lose your lower body, struggle with your pitch location, and can only hope the Opponents you face stay off the bases.

Pitch Location Supplies Direction

Your pitch location tells you about your back knee position as you begin your stride.

By measuring the ratio of pitches you locate against the pitches that miss your target, you accurately measure how often your back knee position allows your lower body to drive your results.

Through persistence, you’ll discover the back knee position needed to succeed in a sport built around failure.

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