A Motion Producing One Result

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Easy Balance

You want your Front Heel to begin close to your Back Heel.

– With your Heels close to each other, when you lift your Front Foot, you preserves your balance, and you deliver the ball with your Glove Hand.

– Without your Heel-to-Heel relationship, your weight shifts, your Head moves, and your land your Stride before your Throwing Arm delivers the ball.

The easier way to get your Body in balance is with your Front Heel near your Back Heel.

Your Throwing Arm

You want your Glove Hand to prompt your Lower Body to fire your Throwing Arm.

– When the Pitcher’s motions are in balance, their Glove Hand tips their weight and naturally turns.  They land their Foot Strike, and their Throwing Arm sends the ball to their target with uncanny regularity.

– When the Pitcher’s motion contains an imbalance, their motion is much simpler. The Pitcher lands their Stride, and their Throwing Arm sends the ball to their target. The number of pitches going into their target is like throwing a dart at a dart board … sometimes you hit your target, but most of the time you miss.

Make your Throwing Arm involved by your Body being in balance.

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