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Most Pitchers are Conflicted

If you’re like most Pitchers, this describes your pitching experience.

Between starts, Pitching Coaches hold you accountable for adding the mechanics they feel will turn you into a better Pitcher.

However, during games, you hold yourself accountable for your results and, typically, don’t have time to even think about the mechanics your Pitching Coach wants to see.

Balance Closes the Gap

When a Pitching Coach allows an imbalance to creep into your motion, your body will use your throwing arm for balance, and your less-than-acceptable in-game results will force you to adjust.

However, when a Pitching Coach teaches balance, the Coach keeps your throwing arm free to produce the competitive results you want.

A Balanced Process Supercharges Your Pitching

Since your results indicate the degree to which you use your throwing arm for balance, your Coach’s job is to find and limit any imbalance.

The instant he adjusts your balance you immediately see more pitches travel directly into your target.

As your Coach goes through this process, you walk away with a movement sequence that’ll generate the competitive results you need to succeed every time you take the mound.

Can’t find a Pitching Coach who teaches balance? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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