Conditions Determine Your Throwing Arm Path


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Standing is Different than Balancing

Since you spend most of your life with two feet planted firmly on the ground, you’re conditioned to expect your body to move the way you want all the time.

Therefore, on the surface, pitching should be simple … you see your target, and you send the ball directly into it.

However, when perched on one foot, you lose control of your arm movements and, unless you know how to manage your actions, miss your target much more often than you want.

Your Solution is Flawed!

When your results fail to meet your expectations, you search online blogs, websites, YouTube, and podcasts for ways to fix your results.

When closely examined, you’re still being fed the same false assumption that, even while balanced on one foot, you can control the way you move.

Continue with this approach and, like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, your pitching success will always be within sight, but will forever be out of reach.

Understanding Pitching Excellence

Pitching success comes from knowing how to manage the differences between the way your body works with both feet on the ground and when perched on one foot.

If you don’t know how to manage these differences, ask Coach Skip to show you how.

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