The Great Separation Fabrication

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Natural Separation

Balance on one foot, rotate your shoulders, then the instant your foot strikes the ground, your hips/shoulders end up at opposing angles and your back shoulder automatically swings forward.

Effective Pitching Separation

When you land your foot strike with enough separation between your hips and shoulders, your back shoulder whips your throwing arm into release.

Therefore, land your foot plant with sufficient hip/shoulder separation, and you can expect your lower body to send your pitches into your target.

The Pitching Separation Fabrication

Pitchers who end their front leg lift with their weight over their back foot create what they believe to be hip/shoulder separation by moving their throwing arm behind their body as they begin their trip down the mound.

When you generate this type of false separation, you lose your lower body and can’t know with any degree of certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Producing Hip/Shoulder Separation

Producing the authentic hip/shoulder separation needed to get your lower body to send your pitches into your target is a process.

You can get this process started by using the “FREE Pitch Location Tips” found on the Pro Pitching Institute website.

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